Thanks for dropping by! Welcome to my first website, where I hope to embark on a fulfilling journey as a software developer.

I have always been one to explore different subjects either as a way to express my creativity or to discover myself, be it sports, books, art, music, woodworking, robotics, and now programming. I carry these skills and experiences with me and employ them in whatever project I undertake.

During high school, I discovered my passion for creating through a makerspace called MakeX which exposed me to unfamiliar fields like aeronautics and robotics, taught me collaboration on long-term projects, and improved my communication abilities.

Though I initially hesitated to get into computer programming, I took the chance during COVID-19's quarantine by managing my robotics team's website. It introduced me to HTML, CSS, backend deployment, and the value of seeking help from others.

Fast forward to university, I chose Computer Engineer as my major with a minor in Computer Science. I hope to leverage my previous broad experiences in order to be a more cohesive Full-Stack Developer.

ChatGPT helped revise this.


- Currently majoring Computer Engineering
- Minoring in Computer Science